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Unformatted text preview: t acting) should be used, if conditions similar to those for armature-circuit supply are to apply, like for example protection of the field supply unit and the field winding. F3.1 ND30 / built-in 2 Fig 2.6/2 Configuration for field supplies The F3.2 and F3.3 fuse types serve as line protectors and cannot protect the field supply unit. Only pure HRC fuses or miniature circuit-breakers may be used. Semiconductor fuses would be destroyed, for example, by the transformer’s starting current inrush. F3.2 F3.1 F3.3 F3.1 2 ND30 / built-in 2 FF_ASP_b.dsf Fig 2.6/3 Configurations for field supplies II F 2-20 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Semiconductor type F1 fuses and fuse holders for AC and DC power lines (DCS 601 /DCS 602 - DCF 601/DCF 602) The converter units are subdivided into two groups: – Unit sizes C1 and C2 with rated currents up to 1000 A require external fuses. – In unit sizes A5, A6 and A7 with rated currents of 900 A to 5200 A, the semiconductor fuses are installed internally (no additional external semiconductor fuses are needed). The table on the right assigns the AC fuse type to the converter type. In case the converter should be equipped with DC fuses according to the hints use the same type of fuse used on the AC side now in the plus and minus line. Blade type fuses are used for all the converters construction type C1 and C2 except the biggest one. Type of converter Type Fuse holder DCS60x-0025-41/51 DCS60x-0050-41/51 DCS60x-0050-61 DCS60x-0075-41/51 DCS60x-0100-51 DCS60x-0110-61 DCS60x-0140-41/51 DCS60x-0200-41/51 DCS60x-0250-41/51 DCS60x-0270-61 DCS60x-0350-41/51 DCS60x-0450-41/51/61 DCS60x-0520-41/51 DCS60x-0680-41/51 DCS60x-0820-41/51 DCS60x-1000-41/51 170M 1564 170M 1566 170M 1566 170M 1568 170M 3815 170M 3815 170M 3815 170M 3816 170M 3817 170M 3819 170M 5810 170M 6811 170M 6811 170M 6163 170M 6163 170M 6166 OFAX 00 S3L OFAX 00 S3L OFAX 00 S3L OFAX 00 S3L OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 1 S3 OFAX 2 S3 OFAX S 3 OFAX S 3 3x 170H 3006 3x 170H 3006 3x 170H 3006 Table 2.6/2: Fuses and fuse holders (details see Technical Data) Fuses F3.x and fuse holders for 2-phase field supply Depending on the protection strategy different types of fuses are to be used. The fuses are sized according to the nominal current of the field supply device. If the field supply unit is connected to two phases of the network, two fuses should be used; in case the unit is connected to one phase and neutral only one fuse at the phase can be used. Table 2.6/ 3 lists the fuses currents with respect to table 2.6/2. The fuses can be sized according to the maximum field current. In this case take the fuse, which fits to the field current levels. Field conv. Field F3.1 F3.2 F 3.3 current SDCS-FEX-1 IF ≤ 6 A SDCS-FEX-2A 170M 1558 OFAA 00 H10 10 A SDCS-FEX-2A IF ≤ 12 A 170M 1559 OFAA 00 H16 16 A SDCS-FEX-2A IF ≤ 16 A DCF 503A DCF 504A 170M 1561 OFAA 00 H25 25 A DCF 503A DCF 504A IF ≤ 30 A 170M 1564 OFAA 00 H50 50 A DCF 503A DCF 504A IF ≤ 50 A 170M 15...
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