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Field bus module nxxx xx fci ci810 ac80 pm825 ac800

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Unformatted text preview: further functions available, and these are described on the following page. Components required: • Plastic optical fibre for distances up to 15 m. • Field bus module Nxxx-xx • FCI (CI810) • AC80 (PM825) • AC800 M Functionality: Depends on the used module, interface e.g. to: • PROFIBUS with NPBA-12 • MODBUS with NMBA-01 • AF100 with FCI (CI810) • AC80 (PM825) or • AC800 M • further modules on request You will find more detailed information on data exchange in the specific PLC or fieldbus module documentation. ➀ For further information see the specific publications II F 2-15 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Operation by PC (continued) Features • Easy-to-use tool for commissioning and maintenance. • Several drives connected and monitored at the same time. • Monitor, edit or save signals and parameters, clear graphical presentation. • High speed communication between PC and drive • Versatile back-up functions. DriveWindow 2.xx Powerful and versatile WindowsTM -based, user-friendly • DriveWindow can access all drives connected to the high speed fiber optic network see manuals: - Configuration Instructions NDBU-85/95 (3ADW000100). - NDBU-85/95 Branching Units (3BFE64285513). - DDCS Cabling and Branching (3AFE63988235). • Signal values can be viewed as graphs from the drive/drives. • A screenful of signals and parameters from the drive can be monitored and edited at one time (off-line or on-line). • View data collected and stored in the drive. • Fault diagnosis; DriveWindow indicates the status of drives, and also reads fault history data from the drive. • Remote monitoring, plant wide monitoring with two PCs. • Back-up of drive parameters; in fault situations the file can be easily reloaded, resulting in time savings. • Back-up parameters or software from the drive into PC files. This version allows the entire control board content to be saved and restored later even to empty control boards. ABB's DriveWindow is an advanced, easy-to-use tool for the commissioning and maintenance of drive systems in different industries. Its host of features and clear, graphical presentation of the operation make it a valuable addition to your system providing information necessary for troubleshooting, maintenance and service, as wellas training. DriveWindow is fully 32 bit and runs in the newer Microsoft® Windows environments such as WIN NT / 2000 / XP. With DriveWindow the user is able to follow the cooperation of twoor more drives simultaneously by collecting the actual values from the drives onto a single screen or printout. Additionally, the client part of DriveWindow may reside on one Local Area Network PC, and the server side on another PC closer to the drives. This enables plant-wide monitoring to be easily accomplished with two PCs. DriveWindow is part of the DriveIT folder of the IndustrialIT. II F 2-16 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f 2.6 Options Line reactors for armature (DCS 60x) and field (DCF 60x)...
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