3adw000072r0601 dcs600 system description e f

Group and name subgroup and name value 0l 00 rpm 17

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Unformatted text preview: kit for mounting the panel in the switchgear cubicle door Parameters For selecting and adjusting all parameters and signals. Group and name Subgroup and name Value 0L 0,0 rpm 17 RAMP GENERATOR 08 ACCEL 1 20.0 s 00 Status row Functions to be selected Actual Selects the display of feedback values plus the signal group and the error memory group. ID number of the drive selected Control location L = local = remote Status row Actual signal name and value Cursor shows the row selected Speed reference rpm Main contactor status 0 = open 1 = closed Run status 1 = Run 0 = Stop 0L 0,0 rpm 00 SPEEED ACT 0,0 rpm CONV CUR 0A U ARM ACT 0V Twin arrow keys are used to change the group. In the parameter and reference presetting modes, you can alter the parameter value or the reference setting ten times faster by means of the twin arrow keys than by means of the single arrow key. Local/Remote is used to select local (control panel) or remote control. Reset Fault acknowledge key. 1 = last fault 2 = last-but-one fault 99 = last fault Name of Fault or alarm Total time after switch-on HHHH:MM:SS.ss 0L 0 ,0 rpm 1 LAST FAULT Emergency stop 3212:59:35:56 Function Selects the “functions” operating mode; can be used to perform special functions such as uploading and downloading of parameter sets. 00 Display contrast setting 0L 0,0 rpm UPLOAD <== DOWNLOAD ==> CONTRAST 00 Drive for extensions Enter is used in the following modes: Parameter setting: enter new parameter value Actual value signal display: enter the current signal selection mode Signal selection: accept selection and return to the feedback value signal display mode Arrow keys are used to select parameters within a group. You alter the parameter value or the reference setting in the parameter and reference presetting modes. In the feedback signal display mode, you select the line you want. Start starts the drive in local mode. Stop shuts the drive down if you are in local mode. Reference is used to activate the reference presetting mode. On in local mode switches the main contactor on. Off in local mode switches the main contactor off. Fig. 2.5/8: Function keys and various displays on the removable control and display panel. II F 2-14 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Operation by PC Drive control Components required: • Plastic optical fibre for distances up to 20 m. • Network up to 200 drives (same as for ACS 600). • HCS optical fibre cable up to 200 m. See separate manual Configuration Instructions NDBU 85/95; Doc no.: 3ADW000100. Functionality: • DriveWindow software package➀ for commissioning, diagnosis, maintenance and trouble shooting; structure of connections see Technical Data; Doc no.: 3ADW000165. System requirements/recommendation: • PC (IBM-compatible) with 486 processor or higher (min. 50 MHz). • 8 MB RAM. • DOS version 5.0 or later. • Windows NT4.0, WIN 2000, WIN XP • VGA monitor. • CD-ROM drive. • PCMCIA slot or PCI/PCMCIA bridge. In addition to the options provided by the CDP 312 control and display panel, there are...
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