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Ofax 00 690 v type ofax 00 table 263 fuses and fuse

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Unformatted text preview: 65 OFAA 00 H63 63 A Type of protection elements Semiconduct. LV HRC type circuit breaker type fuse for for 690 V; fuse for 500 V or fuse holder hold. OFAX 00 690 V type OFAX 00 Table 2.6/3: Fuses and fuse holders for 2-phase field supply Transformer T3 for field supply to match voltage levels The field supply units’ insulation voltage is higher than the rated operating voltage (see Chapter Field supplies), thus providing an option in systems of more than 500 V for supplying the power section of the converter directly from the mains for purposes of armature supply, and using an autotransformer to match the field supply to its rated voltage. Moreover, you can use the autotransformer to adjust the field voltage (SDCS-FEX-1 diode bridge) or to reduce the voltage ripple. Different types (primary voltages of 400...500 V and of 525...690 V) with different rated currents each are available. Field converter type ≤ 500 V; 50/60 Hz for field current IF Transformer type 50/60 Hz SDCS-FEX-1 SDCS-FEX-2A SDCS-FEX-2A DCF503A/4A-0050 DCF503A/4A-0050 ≤6 A ≤12 A ≤16 A ≤30 A ≤50 A Uprim = ≤ 500 V T 3.01 T 3.02 T 3.03 T 3.04 T 3.05 SDCS-FEX-1 SDCS-FEX-2A SDCS-FEX-2A ≤6 A ≤12 A ≤16 A Uprim = ≤ 600 V T 3.11 T 3.12 T 3.13 DCF503A/4A-0050 DCF503A/4A-0050 ≤30 A ≤50 A Uprim = ≤ 690 V T 3.14 T 3.15 Table 2.6/4: Autotransformer data (details see Technical Data) II F 2-21 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Fig. 2.6/4: T3 autotransformer Commutating reactor When using the SDCS-FEX-2A field power converter, you should additionally use a commutating reactor because of EMC considerations. A commutating reactor is not necessary for the SDCS-FEX-1 (diode bridge). With DCF 503A/504A field power converters, it is already installed. Converter Reactor ≤ 500 V; 50/60 Hz SDCS-FEX-2A ND 30 Table 2.6/4: Commutating reactor (for more information see publication Technical Data) Auxiliary transformer T2 for electronic system / fan supply The converter unit requires various auxiliary voltages, e.g. the unit’s electronics require 115 V/1-ph or 230 V/ 1-ph, the unit fans require 230 V/1-ph or 400 V/690 V/3-ph, according to their size. The T2 auxiliary transformer is designed to supply the unit’s electronic system and all the single-phase fans including the fan of the A5 converter. Input voltage: 380...690 V/1-ph; 50/60 Hz Output voltage: 115/230 V/1-ph Power: 1400 VA Fig. 2.6/5: T2 auxiliary transformer Residual current detection This function is provided by the standard software. If needed, the analogue input AI4 has to be activated, a current signal of the three phase currents should be supplied to AI4 by a current transformer. If the addition of the three current signal is different from zero, a message is indicated (for more information, see publication Technical Data). II F 2-22 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f II F 2-23 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f EMC filters You will find further information in publication: Technical Guide chapter:...
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