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Unformatted text preview: eld converter sets the firing angle to maximum . The contactors are opened, when the actual current has reached zero. ON = 0 internally forces RUN = 0. Emergency off Field and armature current are removed as fast as possible. After the current has reached IDC = 0 the contactors are opened. The normal start command is accepted when OFF2_N = EME_OFF_N = 1. Emergency stop Command EME_STOP = 0 gives the same procedure as RUN = 0 (normal stop) except that the ramp is switched from deceleration to emergency stop and the state ON_INHIBIT is entered when the speed has reached zero. The normal start command is accepted when OFF3_N = EME_STOP_N = 1. The reference handling and current limitation is controlled by EME_STOP_MODE. Fault reaction Power up When the electronics power supply is switched on the drive stays in the ON_INHIBIT state until ON = 0 is detected. In case of a fault the drive stays in the FAULT state. Normal start Status bit RDY_ON = 1 signals that no faults are pending and that the device is ready to close the main, fan and field contactor. A rising edge of the ON command closes fan, field and main contactor and activates the field control. Status bit RDY_RUN = 1 indicates that the field converter is active and that the drive is ready to generate torque. A rising edge of the RUN command activates speed and torque control. Status bit RUNNING = 1 indicates that the drive is in normal operation. Depending on the actual fault the armature current and/or field current is reduced to zero as fast as possible with single pulses and maximum firing angle. Contactors are opened when the current has reached zero. Then the state TRIPPED is entered and after a successful reset the state ON_INHIBIT. The following state diagram shows the transitions between the different states. II F 3-2 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Voltage switched off Switch on inhibit Status Disable ON INHIBIT (MSW Bit6=1) Power ON OFF 1 ( MCW Bit0=0) not ready to swich on Control and Status Status Not ready for startup OFF (MSW Bit0=0) ABC DE F from every device status Main Control word basic condition (MCW=XXXX XXXX XXXX X110 ) disable operation (MCW Bit3=0 RUN) Inhibit Operation active Fault ready to Ready from every device status OFF1 (MCW Bit0=0) Stop drive *) according to - DECELER TIME (22.02) at speed control - TORQ RAMP DOWN (25.06) / TORQ REF A FTC (25.02) at torque control then open Main Contactor Status: OFF (not ready for startup, MSW Bit0=0) Stop drive Status: TRIPPED (MSW Bit3=1) Fault Inhibit Status Ready for startup switch on converter pulses RDY_ON (MSW Bit0=1) Status: Operation Disabled operation (MSW Bit2=0 RDY_REF ) disabled ON (MCW Bit0=1) OFF1 active ABB Drive Profile for DC-drives Error corrected confirm by RESET (MCW Bit7= 1) Status Ready for operation RDY_RUN (MSW Bit1=1) Release from every device status operation Emergency Stop RUN OFF3 (MCW Bit2=0) (MCW Bit3=1) Stop drive *) OFF3 according to active parameter 21.04 eme stop mode n=0 / I=0 (n=0 / I=0) OR (MCW Bit3=0 (RUN)) from every device status Emergency Off OFF2 (MCW Bit1=0) OFF2 active Coast Stop (no torque) Status: OFF_2_STA (MSW Bit4=0) Status: O FF_3_STA (MSW Bit5=0) BCD RFG-output disable (MCW Bit4=0 RAMP_OUT_ZERO ) Enable Operation Release electronics and pulses RDY_REF (MSW Bit2=1) Status Operation released CD A RFG stop (MCW Bit5=0 RAMP_HOLD) RFG: Enable output D Setpoint disabled (MCW Bit6=0 RAMP_IN_ZERO ) MCW MSW n I RFG = Main Control Word = Main Status Word = Speed...
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