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The dcs 600 multidrive flexibility allows the user to

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Unformatted text preview: l boards and software. The DCS 600 MultiDrive flexibility allows the user to configure functions of the drive easily, suitable for different applications. Functions of the DCS 600 MultiDrive are normally activated by parameters. DriveWindow PC program for commissioning and maintenance under Windows® for: Parameter setting Fault detection Trending Data logger Fault logger Local operation (Drives Panel) The basic software includes the following options: • Processing the speed reference with a speed ramp generator (S-ramp capability, accel/decel ramp) • Processing the speed feedback • Speed controller • Torque reference processing • Current controller • Field weakening • Automatic/manual field reversal • Autotuning of current controller • Speed monitor • Drive control logic • Remote/local operation • Emergency stop • Electronic circuits are not sensitive to line phase sequence • Electrical and mechanical brake control • Motor overload supervision • Dual field • Programmable analogue outputs • Field supply • Master follower via fibre optics • 12-pulse link Controlling and operating via I/O's analogue and digital inputs and outputs via bus systems e.g.: Profibus, Modbus Plus, AF100 etc. via HMI (Human Machine Interface) Outputs: Alarms Faults Status information Parameter setting Local control of the drive CDP 312 removable control and display panel with plain text display for: Drive control signal Parameter setting Fault detection Parameter uploading and downloading Local operation Monitoring functions Self-test Fault logger Motor protection In the event of: • Speed feedback error • Overtemperature • Overload • Overspeed • Zero speed • Armature overcurrent • Armature ripple • Armature overvoltage • Minimum field current • Field overcurrent • Motor stalled Power converter protection • Overtemperature • Software errors (watchdog function) Incorrect supply protection • Mains overvoltage and undervoltage • Auxiliary undervoltage • Incorrect mains phase sequence (only inform.) II F 1-2 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f Fig. 2/1: MultiDrive socket NDPI 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f to the PLC 8 8 X4,5 X6 X3 X1 X14 3 X3 X5 IOB 3 X2 PIN 51 PS5311 X2 X1 5 X4 X3 X1 X13 X12 X13 2 T X2 X1 X17 7 A92 T * connection see Technical data chapter 5 PIN 41 PIN 41 IOE 1 * M C1 D1 U1 V1 W1 X1 X14 Legend X1 X14 FEX 2 X1 U1 V1 C1 D1 U1 V1 W1 7.1 C1 D1 dcs6_sys_h.dsf analogue input / output optical fibre - detailed description see chapter 7.1 digital input / output alternative CON x - short designation of components M FEX 1 X1 L3 DCF 503A / 504A X2 IOB 2x X16 PIN 1x POW 1 PIN 20xB X12 X13 X12 X37 K5 Power supply X16 - Master/ Follower X17 µP X13 X12 X37 T90 L1 K3 T3 F3 DCF 601 / 602 Field Bus Adapter Module Nxxx X1 X2 X11 CON 2 X33 V260 X16 (24V) X10 X99 DCS 6..-....-.1-15..... (.... -.1-18.....) 12-Pulse link X3 K1 F1 Q1 Three-phase field supply 8 4 CH2 DSP CH0 CH3 AMC-DC X2 X3 Monitoring LED bar NLM D F2 T2 EMC filter Earth-fault monitor The DCS 600 MultiDrive power converter range is a system of components and complete standard cabinets to...
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