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Unformatted text preview: cations DC I IDC I continuous (IdN) Load cycle pumps, fans 100% DC II DC III * DC IV * IDC II for 15 min and 1,5 * IDC II for 60 s extruders, conveyor belts IDC III for 15 min and 1,5 * IDC III for 120 s extruders, conveyor belts 15 min 150% 100% 15 min 150% 100% IDC IV for 15 min and 2 * IDC IV for 10 s 15 min 200% 100% * Load cycle is not identical with menu item Duty cycle in DCSize ! Table 2.3/2: Definition of the load cycles If the driven machine’s load cycle does not correspond to one of the examples listed, you can determine the necessary power converter using the DCSize software program. This program can be run under Microsoft ® Windows, and enables you to dimension the motor and the power converter, taking types of load (load cycle), ambient temperature, site elevation, etc. into account. The design result will be presented in tables, charts, and can be printed out as well. To facilitate the start-up procedure as much as possible the converter´s software is structured similar as the inputs made at the program. Because of that many of the data can be directly utilized at the converter like high current, line voltage and others. Fig. 2.3/1: Entry screen of DCSize. Microsoft is a registered trademark. Windows is a designation of the Microsoft Corporation. II F 2-8 3ADW000072R0601 DCS600 System description e f 2.4 Field Supply General data • Currents from 6 to 520 A. • Minimum field current monitor. • Integrated or external field power converter or in a completely separate cabinet. • 2-phase or 3-phase model. • Fully digital control (except SDCS-FEX-1). We recommend integrating an autotransformer in the field power converter's supply to adjust the AC input voltage to the field voltage, to reduce the voltage and current ripple of the field. All field power converters (except for the SDCS-FEX1) are controlled by the armature converter via a serial link with a speed of 62.5 kBaud. The link serves to parameterize, control and diagnose the field power converter and thus provides an exact control. Moreover, it enables you to control an internal (SDCS-FEX2A) and an external (DCF 601/602/503A/504A) or two external field supply units (2 x DCF 601/602/ 503A/504A). The respective software function required is available in every DC power converter. Field converter types SDCS-FEX-1 SDCS-FEX-2A • Diode bridge. • 6 A rated current. • Internal non adjustable minimum field current monitor. • Construction and components have been designed for an insulation voltage of 600 V AC. • Output voltage UA: • Half controlled thyristor/diode bridge (1-Q) • Microprocessor control, with the electronic system being supplied by the armature converter. • Construction and components have been designed for an insulation voltage of 600 V AC. • Fast-response excitation is possible with an appropriate voltage reserve; de-excitation takes place by field time constant. • Output voltage UA: ⎛ 100% + TOL ⎞ U A = UV * ⎜ ⎟ * 0.9 ⎝ 100% ⎠ TOL = tolerance of line voltage in % UV = Line voltage...
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