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3adw000213r0301 dcs800-a flyer e c

3adw000213r0301 dcs800-a flyer e c - Flyer ABB DC Drives...

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ABB DC Drives DCS800-A, 18 A to 9800/19600 A Enclosed converters Flyer
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2 3ADW000213R0301 DCS800-A Flyer e c ABB DCS800-A Enclosed Converters To meet the most stringent control requirements, the DCS800-A features speed control, which reduces the effects from gear back- lash and torsional vibration arising in mechanical systems. High-performance speed and torque control will fulfill all requirements for rapid response and high control accuracy. Autotuning for armature, field current and speed controller simplifies the commissioning. DCS800-A enclosed converters are fully digital. Optional equipment is available to meet different safety standards. The converter can be used for standard applications but has the flexibility to be customized for the most demand- ing applications. DCS800-A are DCS800 converter modules mounted in an enclosure. The series is a complete range of enclosed converters intended for the supply and control of DC machines. DCS800-A provides maximum flexibility in the firmware, the drive itself is programmable as well as a serial communication (e.g. Profibus) interface plus 12-pulse parallel, serial and sequential. A single drive control technology is available for a wide power range to reduce training costs and meets the requirements of various applications. Common AC busbar designs for group drives are available for the most cost-efficient and functional system structure. Incoming supply section for group drives can be equipped with air circuit breakers or insulation swit- ches. Control cubicles offer various I/O solutions in com- bination with ABB controls e.g. AC800M. Approval for many application specific standards (e.g. ABS, DNV, Loyd, UL, CSA) can be ordered as option. Flexible de- sign of power cable entry provide simple installation and mi- nimum power down time especially for upgrades. DCS800-A enclosed converters are available as 6-/ 12- pulse and in 2- or 4-quadrant, with current ranges from 18 to 9800/19600 A and supply voltages of 230...990 (1200) V AC. A selection of options is available to pro- vide the user with a system meeting the most demanding technical requirements and performance expectations. Common control electronics throughout the product range reduces spare parts inventory and training require- ments. The DCS800 DC Drive is simple to buy, install, configure and use, saving considerable time. Precise delivery Quick installation Rapid start-up The drive has common user and process interface with fieldbus, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance and common spare parts. DCS800 can be used in the wide range of all industrial ap- plication of Metals Vessels Pulp & Paper Ski lifts Material handling Magnets Test rigs Mining Food & Beverage Electrolysis Printing Battery Chargers Plastic & Rubber and more The drive meet the requirement of all demanding drive ap- plication like: • testrig • mine hoist • rolling mill as well as none motoric applications like: electrolysis • magnetics • battery charger ...
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