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Unformatted text preview: DCS800-A Rapido Cabinet PDC3 EN REVA 2008 ■ Fast delivery the delivery time of a dCs800-a rapido is faster compared to a common dCs800-a enclosed converter. this saves time during the order and the manufacturing, so the availability is very high. For a limited amount 10 working days. ■ easy ordering the dCs800-a rapido includes all components which are necessary for a standard drive application. it’s easy to order because the package includes all relevant components for a complete cabinet. only the required converter power and nominal voltage has to be selected from the delivery program. Typical applications for a “Rapido” drive the “dCs800-a rapido Cabinet” is designed for standard motor applications. Scope of delivery Enclosed MNS Cabinet ■ Control panel in a door (snap-in) ■ Hot zinc galvanized frame body (protection class iP21 - iP42) ■ armature current and voltage meter ■ emergency stop button in door (safety category 954B) ■ galvanic isolated digital and analogue interfaces as ioB-3 and ioB-23 ■ aUtoCad 2005 drawings on Cd-roM ■ Ce mark Converter module ■ 125 a up to 1000 a (size d1 to d4) with fuse switch and contactor and on-board field exciter from 6 adC up to 25 adC ■ 1200 a up to 1500 a (size d5) with air circuit breaker sace emax plus installed field exciter ■ options: rdio/raio i/o extension modules, Fieldbus modules ■ Main circuit (according to single line diagram) ■ standard line choke (3-phase) ■ Motor fan starter type 1 (400…690 v; 0.63…6.3 a) - select correct rating Product notes Benefits of DCS800-A Rapido Cabinet (single drive) Delivery program of DCS800-A Rapido Cabinet Unit type PDC3 EN REVA 2008 Product notes 400 V / 525 V 2-quadrant DCS800-A01-0125-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A01-0315-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A01-0610-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A01-0900-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A01-1200-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A01-1500-04/05-DEBN 400 V / 525 V 4-quadrant DCS800-A02-0140-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A02-0350-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A02-0680-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A02-1000-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A02-1200-04/05-DEBN DCS800-A02-1500-04/05-DEBN DC I int. field Frame Single drive current size Height Depth Width [A] [A] [mm] [mm] [mm] 115 285 540 810 1140 1425 6 20 25 25 25 * 25 * D1 D3 2120 2120 600 600 600 600 D4 2120 600 800 D5 2120 600 1400 Q1 F2 K1 T2 L1 F5 K8 U1 125 300 600 900 1140 1425 6 20 25 25 25 * 25 * D1 D3 2120 2120 600 600 600 600 D4 2120 600 800 D5 2120 600 F6 K6 F4 F60 230V 1400 = < 15A - M Line up Rapido.dsf Size D1...D4 example for single line * Field supply max. 500 VAC List of options Field bus systems rPBa-01 Profibus interface rCan-01 Canopen interface rdna-01 devicenet interface rMBa-01 Modbus interface rCna-01 Controlnet interface reta-01 ethernet adapter Module Fast optical DDCS communication module ■ sdCs-CoM-81 communication board ■ Fiber optical cable in selectable length IEC 61131 programming ■ sdCs MeM-8 Memory Card Further options ■ anticondensation heater ■ extra cubicle ■ special name plate text ■ drawing and part list on Cd ■ insect screen in air inlet/outlet (iP31) ■ air inlet filters (iP41) Size D1 0025...0350 Size D3-D4 0610...1000 reference detailed documentation, see dCs800-a technical catalogue Publication no.: 3adW000198r0101 in parallel our aBB dC motor factory in vesteras, sweden offers also several dC motors quasi on stock! ABB Automation Products Wallstadter Straße 59 68526 Ladenburg • GERMANY Phone +49(0)6203-71-0 Fax +49(0)6203-71-7609 www.abb.com/motors&drives dc-drives@de.abb.com Size D5 1200...1500 © Copyright 2008 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ...
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