686 (2) - CEAI Vol.12 No.1 pp 55-61 2010 Printed in Romania...

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CEAI, Vol.12, No.1, pp. 55-61, 2010 Printed in Romania BLDC motor control using rapid control prototyping Radu Duma, Mirela Tru ş c ă , Petru Dobra Technical University of Cluj–Napoca, Automatic Control Department Abstract: The paper presents a Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) toolbox, Target for Renesas M32C87, for Matlab/Simulink which can be used to generate real-time C code for the Renesas M32C87 microcontroller. The RCP toolbox contains a digital motor control library which implements a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor control algorithm. A practical application for closed loop speed control of brushless direct current motor is presented. Keywords: rapid control prototyping, automatic code generation, real-time, M32C87 microcontroller, PID, brushless direct current motor 1. INTRODUCTION Developing controllers for applications (electrical drive systems) means large expenditure, when performed with usual development methods. The workload comprises development of a mathematical model as well as algorithm design and implementation, off-line simulation, and optimization. The whole process has to be restarted on occurring errors or divergences, which makes the development process time consuming and costly [8]. RCP is a way out of this situation, especially if the control algorithm is complex and a lot of
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686 (2) - CEAI Vol.12 No.1 pp 55-61 2010 Printed in Romania...

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