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Ramneek Manchanda Bio 318M-50225 February 22, 2010 Lab Exercise 4 LAB EXERCISE GSS1-4 i. They were not set up correctly since the agecat was also supposed to be the same as the age variable, quantitative. ii. Yes it looks normal iii. In general, if you surpass the age of 50, which is the central age for heart attacks etc, you are likely to have a longer life expectancy iv. Normal probability plot analyzes whether the data is normally distributed or no v. . vi. Yes vii. Both assess normality, but PP uses Z value and QQ uses quotients.
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Unformatted text preview: viii. . ix. It should seem that the youth should use computers more than the elderly x. Some people are still incapable of using a computer, however some CEOs are also very old. xi. Yes, I think that the youth tends to use computers more often than seniors xii. Yes, since education as well as technology are on the rise, it is more inclined towards the youth to use computers more often....
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