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Ramneek Manchanda BIO 318M-50225 March 1, 2010 Lab Exercise 5 LAB EXERCISE C. Standard Deviation: Spread of the data between each sample. Sample Error: Standard Deviation in the sampling distribution; shows the precision of the sample. Confidence Interval: If we sample again, the mean would fall in the range 95% of the time. D. Shows how much the data is distributed, if its normal. In order for it to be valid it must be large and
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Unformatted text preview: random as well. The more error, the less chance the data fits a normal distribution. E. No, because it only tells us overlap. F. Possibly, if signified by the overlap. G. Not normal, a lot of people have jobs. I. Sample distribution regularly will be normal. In this case it should only be the one peak that may cause you not to trust it....
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