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Lab Exercise 7 - and you would compound your chance of...

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Ramneek Manchanda BIO 318M- 50225 March 22, 2010 Lab Exercise 7 A. B. No, loss of ages 45-65 in heart attacks. More other places. C. QQ plot is better, as the histogram has breaks. We don’t care if its normal. N=1500 D. Null: μ=45 Formal μ 45 E. P= 0.001, reject null. 95% confident that the age is 45.66 to 47.47 years old. By rule of thumb, it is speculated that it is not significantly different. F. H 0 μ dull = μ routine H A = μ dull μ routine Not appropriate because 3 variables and you would have to do multiple t-tests
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Unformatted text preview: and you would compound your chance of making a mistake of type 1 errors G. Looking at the difference between the two standard errors, normal, large random, independent. H. Can’t reject the null hypothesis. Just because there is so significant difference doesn’t mean there isn’t a difference. It is comparing the signal vs. the noise. I. No because there were multiple variables, so to make it appropriate you would have to run multiple t-tests....
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