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Ramneek Manchanda BIO 318M-50225 March 29, 2010 Lab Exercise 8 a. Variables: cholesterol- quantitative, treatment- categorical nominal Categories: Group 1 and Group 2 Is there a difference in cholesterol level between the two treatment groups? b. T-Test or Wilcoxon c. We don’t have prior knowledge. If you do it, you might end up with more type I errors d. Normality, paneled histograms, box plot, descriptive table. End up doing Wilcoxon test. e. H 0 = no difference H A = There is a difference f. Do not reject null hypothesis as there is insufficient evidence to conclude there is a  difference g.
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Unformatted text preview: H : Y Group1 =Y Group2 h. Reject null hypothesis and conclude that the distributions are different i. No, cannot give into the confidence intervals because it gives no basis j. Ability to reject the null when the null is actually false k. Expect the drug to lower the cholesterol levels l. Standard deviation is high if group 2 is the treatment group Lab Exercise 2 Reason is faulty because they can’t say anything about the effectiveness of the new drug compared to the old drug. Emphasizes that rejecting the null leaves you with no conclusion....
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