Adjectives Script - Beauty joli(e), beau/bel Age jeune,...

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Adjectives Script General things to remember: (For regular adjectives) – do not add an “s” to the masculine form of adjectives ending in “s” or “x” Masculine singular and plural forms are identical Feminine Plural form is regular – add an “s” to singular form Adjectives ending in “al” in masculine singular change to “aux” in masculine plural form Irregular adjectives: Masculine Feminine Translation Doux douce soft Faux fausse false Favori favorite favorite Frais fraîche fresh Long longue long Public publique public Adjectives that precede the noun:
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Unformatted text preview: Beauty joli(e), beau/bel Age jeune, vieux/vieil Numbers premier/premire Goodness bon/bonne, mauvais(e) Size petit(e), grand(e), gros(se) + autre (other) Masculine singular Masculine before a vowel Feminine singular Masculine plural Feminine plural Beau Bel Belle Beaux Belles Nouveau Nouvel Nouvelle Nouveaux Nouvelles Vieux Vieil Vieille Vieux vieilles Adjective that precede the noun must AGREE in NUMBER and GENDER with the noun they modify...
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