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Unformatted text preview: F1: spechach1,ibmpc,320). F2: spechach2,mac,iGOO}. F3: spec£mach3,ibmpc,640). F4: runs(ibmpc,spreadsheet,500). F5: runs(ibmpc,basic,128). F6: runs(ibmpc,pascal,256). F?: runs(mac,basic,200). F8: runs(mac,smalltalk,1000). F9: access(sue,machi). F10: access€jerry,mach3). F11: accessCsam,machi). F12: access(sam,mach2) . F13: written_in(spreadsheet,pascal). R1: can_use{P,SH) :* access(P,M), can_run(H,SH). R2: can_run(M,SW) :— spec(H,HW,Memi), ' runs(HW,Sw,Mem2), Hem1>=hem2. RB: can_run{M,SW) :- written_in(SlJ,L),can_runG'I,L). “Hemmer... .. If we run the corresponding program with the goal ?—can_use(X, spreadsheet) . we wiil obtain the following output: fl sue = jerry = jerrv = 53.112 NNNN Notice that jerry is derived twice, indicating that the program is doing some unnecessary work. Let's see why this happened. The object jerry will satisfy canwuse once because jerry has access to machS, which can run a spreadsheet directly. But the goal can also be derived from the second rule for caLrun since Pascal can run on means as well and the spreadsheet is written in Pascal. The cat is considered to be a subgoal that is universally satisfied but that cannot be backed up over. it then stands as a one-way gate for the subgoai generation process, which, once passed, cannot be backed through. In the previous example, the first rule for oaLrun could be rewritten with the cut as follows:,Si‘i) :w specCMACI—I,HW,MEMl). runs{HW,SW,MEM2), MEMl >= THEEME, ! . The Cut is signified by an exclamation point {! }. After the first three subgoals are satisfied, the cut is then satisfied as well, cornpleting the derivation of can_run. After the entire derivation is completed, the cut then prevents the backing up process from trying other alternatives for canmrun. Thus unnecessary checking is avoided, since it is irrelevant how many ways a computer caLrun a software product. Now the goal ?»—can,_use(X, spreadsheet). wiil find only one derivation for each of the three people. and the deriu vation process is displayed in Figure 11.9. The derivation process, when backing up to a cut, will automatically produce a failure for all subgoals FIGURE l 1.9 Derivation of a goal in Prolog using cut amm_______i________l___aH___________HymwMM____~_____H+_________ngwm_____ gdfu'mttx'm'mgpvflpilmthlmquhgnplplfhégopofipigngmfu{chimm-mM-JQCN.bmmum-tomqmcndam.ammwnsmmw—a ?—written_in{spreadsheef,L),can_run(machl,L). ?—can_use(X,spreadsheet}. ?—access(K,M),can_run{M,spreadsheet). ?—canirun(machl,spreadsheet]. ?—spec(machl,HW,Ml),runs(HW,spreadsheet,M2),Ml>=M2,l. ?—runs(ibmpc,spreadsheet,M2),520>=M2,l. ?—320>:500,!. ?—runs(ibmpc,spreadsheet,m2),520>=M2,i. ?—spec(machl,HW,Ml),runs(HW,spreadsheet,M2},Ml>=M2,E. ?~can_run(machl,spreadsheet)u ?*written_in(spreadsheet,L),canwrun[machl,L). ?—,pasoal}. ?—spec(machl.Hw,Ml},runs(HW,pascal,M2},Ml>:M2,i. ?mruns{ibmpo,pascal,M2},320>=M2,l. ?—320>2256,!. ?—! Skip backup because of cut fi 5. completed ?—written_in(spreadsheet,L),canmrunfimachle) ?«can_run(machl,spreadsheet). ?—access{X,M),can_run(M,spreadsheet}. ?—can“run(mach3,spreadsheet). ?—spec(mach3,HW,Ml),runs(HW,spreadsheet,M2),Ml>=M2,E. ?—runs(ibmpc,spreadsheet,M2),640>=M2,E. ?~G4U>=500,!_ ?w! Skip backup because of cut — 3. completed ?«access(X,M),canmrun{M,spreadsheet). ?—can_run(machl,spreadsheet). ?—spec{machl,Hw,Ml),runs[HW,spreadsheet,M2),Ml>=M2,!. ?—runs{ibmpc.spreaésheet,M2),320>=M2,E. ?—320>=500,I. ?—runs{ibmpo,spreadsheet,M2j,320>=M2,i. ?—spec(machl,HW,Ml),runs(HW,spreadSheei,M2),Ml>=M2,i. ?~canurun(machl,spreadsheet). ?—written_in(spreadsheet,L),canHrun{machl,L)_ ?—can_run{machl,pa50al}. ?—spec(machl,HW,Ml),runs{HW,pascal,M2),Ml>:M2,l. ?eruns(ibmpc,pascal,M2),320>=M2,E. ?—320>=256,1. ?—1 Skip backup because of out — 5. completed ?—can,run(machl,spreadsheet). ?—access{X,M),can_run(M,spreadsheet). ?—can_run(mach2,spreadsheet). ?—spec(mach2,HW,Ml),runs(HW,spreadsheet,M2),Ml>:M2,i. ?~runs(mao,spreadsheet,M2),1000>=M2,!. ?~spec(mach2,HW,Ml},runs(HW,spreadsheet,M2),Ml>=M2,i. ?—can_run(mach2,spreadsheet). ?—written_in(spreadsheet,L),can_run(mach2,L). ?—can_run(mach2,pascal}. ?~spec(mach2,Hw,Ml},runs(Hw,pascal,M2},Ml>=M2,1. ?—runs(mac.pascal,M2),M1>=M2,!_ ?—spec(mach2,HW,Ml},runs(HW,pascal,M2},Ml>=M2.!. ?«can_run{mach2{pasca1}. ?wwritten_in(pascal,L),can_run(mach2,L). ?~can_run{mach2,pasca2}. ?«writtenmin(spreadsheet,L),can_run(mach2,L). ?—can_run{mach2,spreadsheet}. ?—access(X,M},can_run(M,spreadsheet). ?—can_use(X,spreadsheet}. Rl/SW:=Spreadsheet. F9/M:=machl,X:=sue R2 Fl/HW:=ibmpc,Ml::520 F4/M222500 Fails Fails Fails R3 Flfi/L:=pascal R2 Fl/HW::ibmpc,Ml:=52O F6/M2:=256 satisfied satisfied X=sue Fails Fails FlO/X:=jerry,M:=mach3 R2 FS/Ml::640,HW=ibmpc F4/M2:=500 satisfied satisfied X=jerry Fll/X::sam,M:=machl R2 F1/HW:=ibmpc,Ml::320 Fé/M2::500 Fails Fails Fails R3 FlS/L::pascal R2 Fl/HW22ibmpc,Ml:=320 F6/M2:=256 satisfied saiisfied X=sam Fails Fails Flz/X:=sam,M:=mach2 R2 . F2/HW:zmac,Mlz=lOGO Fails Fails R5 FlS/L:=pasca1 82 F2/HW:=mac,Ml:=lOOO Fails Fails RS Fails Faiis Fails Fails Fails Fails ...
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PROLOG-EXAMPLE - F1 spechach1,ibmpc,320 F2...

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