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CSE324 Quiz #13 Name:----------------------- I) True or False: (all questions are about pure Logic Programming (PLP), and Prolog (2pts each) ) a) The key idea of the PLP paradigm is the total separation between the logic of the problem's solution and the execution control (details) of such solution. b) PLP's coding of a problem is much more concise and shorter than regular Prolog coding. c) in Prolog, the first step of any “ goal ” deduction is the unification process. d) The cut operator is a clear violation of the security of PLP . e) There is no notion of a subgoal's negation ” in Prolog, except when it fails . f) In Prolog, parameter passing to a subgoal is carried out via the listing of variables/constant in the “ goal clause. g) When relating Prolog to Pascal, a Pascal's procedure call is just a Prolog's rule's head (sub/goal). h) Typically, the “ goal ” deduction process ends when we match the goal with a fact . i)
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