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CSE324 QUIZ # 12 NAME:--------- KEY ------------- 1) True/False (all questions are about the pure a) Internal (system) functional oriented paradigm, PFOP): (10 pts) atom representation (and user utilization) manipulation is one of the most powerful object hierarchal b) The concept of von Neumann of altering the memory state as a program execute does not exist in PFOP. T defining structures among modern programming languages. T c) In PFOP we gain d) Exploitation of program power , yet lose security . F concurrency e) Name Aliasing and impure functions lead to a i s inherent in th e PFOP . T security loophole There is NO in the PFOP . F impure functions in PFOP 2) Evaluate the following common Lisp S-expressions, if any is erroneous, just indicate that by writing “
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Unformatted text preview: ERROR as its evaluation result: ( 10 pts ) i) ( cdar '( a (b c d) ) )----------------ERROR------------------ ii) ( cadar ( (a (b c) h ( (4 5) p) ) s k h (e f) ) )------------- (B C) ----------------------- iii) ( list '(a (b c) d) '((e f) g) )-------- ( ( A (B C) D ) ( (E F) G ) ) iv) ( append (a ( b c) d) ( (e f) g) )------- ( A (B C) D (E F) G )------- v) ( cons (a b) ( append '(c d) '( (e f) g) ) )-------( (A B) C D (E F) G )------ Extra credits (if correct you get +10 points otherwise you for each correct answer, lose -5 points ) 3) ( listp ( car ()) )------------- T------------- 4) (cons '(a) '(append '(c d) '( (e (f g))) ) )-- ( (A) APPEND '(C D) '((E (F G)) ) )--...
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