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CSE324 Quiz # 9 Name:_______ KEY _____________ True or False: (all questions are about Ada ), one point for very True/False question. True's are marked T a) Unconstrained arrays in Ada have polymorphic power. T b) Ada packages’ mechanism provides static but never dynamic genericity T Generic packages are only compile time polymorphic templates. c) Type elaboration is done at run time, and occasionally at compile time . F d) Ada pointers are typed, and Ada does not allow the assignment of pointers of different types’. T e) Ada has an “access by mutual consent” mechanism, of any name defined internal to a package, between the package’s user and its definer . T f) It is essential to use a Rendezvous protocol between all of Ada's tasks . F (only communicating tasks) g) A client task can rendezvous with other clients as well as servers ' tasks. F (Rendezvous is a client/server protocol) h) A client task's call on some server 's entry must be accepted by the server before any service is granted. T (sure!)
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