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Quiz08 - CSE324 SPRING 11 Quiz#8(Modula-2&Ada Name_KEY True...

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CSE324 SPRING 11 Quiz #8 (Modula-2&Ada) Name:___ KEY _____ True or False: (Please write T or F to the left of the question) Only True's are marked RED a) We can implement secure static genericity in Modula-2, e.g., using “ elementtype ” module. T b) The static genericity in Modula-2 is based on program recompilation with every newly used type. T c) The static genericity in Modula-2 facilitates run-time code sharing . F NO, it might help reducing the written code by the programmer, but there is no sharing of machine codes. d) In general , dynamic and static genericity are of equal polymorphic power of code sharing . F Dynamic genericity facilitates machine code sharing, e.g., ADT's set of operations, for much larger instances of the subject generic module (for different types' elements) than the static implementation. In case of the static genericity we must write a separate module for every type element resulting in much more none shared operations' code at run time. e)
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