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Quiz07 - CSE324 Spring 2011 Quiz#7 Name True or False(all...

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CSE324 Spring 2011 Quiz #7 Name:______________________ True or False: (all questions are about Modula-2) a) There is a "go to" statement in Modula-2. F b) It is enough for a name to be visible to an internal module “M” to start using it in its code. F c) Inside an internal module “M”, which is nested within another internal module “N”, an exported name by M can be used by N, without the need to explicitly “import” it. T d) In part “c” above, when N imports a name it can be implicitly used by M. F e) The language typing system is insecure due to the “open” (type WORD) and “opaque” types features. F f) The contour diagram rules still used to interpret non-local name visibility. F g) There are many low level features in the language for run time efficiency. T h) An implementation module may be called from within any other module. F i) Definition and implementation modules can be separately compiled. T j) The introduction of the “opaque” type facilitates the implementation of “true” abstract data types.
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