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CSE324 Quiz #5 Name-------------------- I) True or False: a) The compiler knows the static nesting level of the use SNL use , but not that of the definition , SNL definition , of a procedural formal parameter. T b) Passing procedural parameters is a powerful polymorphic feature, yet it forces the inefficient dynamic type checking, in the language. F Not always that the dynamic type checking is needed, only when the list of formals (and the return type in case of a function) of the proc/func is not provided. c) In addition to the static distance (sd), the compiler is also able to compute the dynamic distance for names that are used in the code. F d) Sometimes there is no difference between dynamic and static scoping name visibility. T (when the definer is always the caller, ie., static and dynamic chains are the same.) e) Yes, the same names’ attributes (types, values, etc) can be synthesized and inherited , but at different compilation stages, in the compiled code. T II) The following questions are multiple choices; select (circle) the
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