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Irregular Endings & BANGS

Irregular Endings & BANGS - Irregular Endings...

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Irregular Endings Regular adjectives simply take an “e” onto the masculine form to make it feminine, or by adding an “s” to the masculine or feminine form to make it plural. Example: Content (male singular) Contente (female singular) Contents (male plural ) However, there are a series of endings that are irregular. These adjectives do not change in gender with a simple “e.” This requires memorization. masculine ending feminine ending french english -el -elle cruel • cruelle cruel -eil -eille pareil • pareille similar -il -ille gentil • gentille kind, nice -on -onne mignon • mignonne cute -s -sse gros • grosse big, fat -en -enne ancien • ancienne old -et - è te secret • secrète secretive -er - è re cher • chère dear, expensive -eux -euse heureux • heureuse happy -eur -euse trompeur • trompeuse deceptive -teur -trice créateur • créatrice creative -f -ve actif • active active -c -che franc • franche frank -ou -olle fou • folle crazy
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