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Quiz04 - T f Algol is more powerful HLL with richer typing...

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CSE324 Quiz #4 Name-------KEY------------- 1) True or False: (questions are about FORTRAN & Algol, early versions , ONLY) a) Recursion ” and dynamic arrays in Algol also existed in FORTRAN, but in different forms. F b) The FORTRAN striving for efficiency resulted in loss of power . T c) In Algol, a box in the contour-diagram that relates to some procedure P defines only the scope of all locally declared names within P , not including its formal parameters. F d) FORTRAN and Algol are considered block-structured imperative HLLs. F e) In Algol, an activation record (AR) will be created in the runtime stack for every block 's entry (also for every procedure's call)
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Unformatted text preview: . T f) Algol is more powerful HLL, with richer typing system , than FORTRAN. T g) The dynamic array facility in Algol is introduced for better memory space utilization. T h) In Algol, we cannot nest block s inside procedure s. F i) The FORTRAN language designers trusts that the programmers when using space sharing mechanisms such as COMMON and EQUIVELANCE must be extra careful, hence such features are insecure, i.e., they lead to security loophole in the language. T j) In Algol, the scope of name plays a major role in program execution, at run time. F...
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