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CSE324 Quiz #3 answers Name: --------- KEY ----- 1) Interpreted HLLs are much easier to use since they have two parts: compilers behind the scene and debuggers at the service for the users to utilize. F Ease of use is not the issue with interpreters at all, it is the ability to debug the code on the fly, catching the errors as they occur and correcting them without the long time needed for re-compiling and re-running again every per each error. 2) Early FORTRAN implicit name declarations is not always a security loophole in the language, since professional users of the language are always trusted. F The moment a language trusts its users, it is insecure laguage! 3) The rich typing system in early FORTRAN made the language very secure . F 4) In early FORTRAN , the INTEGER type is overworked to hold addresses and strings . T 5) One of the major design aims in early FORTRAN is to save run time of executing the code by making the code as abstract as possible. F 6) Static type checking is more
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