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Quiz02 - languages there is no notion of intermediate...

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CSE324 Quiz #2 Name: ------ KEY --------------- True or False(T/F): Reds are True 1) Object Oriented Languages (OOL’s) are the most efficient for coding. ( efficient very general and cannot be true, e.g., micro-coding is the fastest of all) 2) In the block-structured languages, abstraction is weaker and more of an ad-hoc to the language, when compared to the inherent OOL’s abstraction . In general OOL's all are objects (e.g., classes), which is not the case in B-S lang's. 3) OOL’s are the most abstract in the programming language domains. (NOP!, it is the logic) 4) In addition to carrying out the translation of HLL’s into machine code, compilers also guard against syntax/semantics errors (user’s misuse of language rules). ( Sure, it does! Machine code is not all, correct code is also important) 5) Interpreted languages are absolutely faster than compiled languages, for example Java versus C. (interpreters are slower than compiled code) 6) In the pure declarative functional
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Unformatted text preview: languages, there is no notion of intermediate memory side effect (i.e., change of system state), while executing code; also “recursion” replaces “iteration”. (as defined in class) 7) All OOL's are pure , i.e., all data are alive and they behave . (sure!) 8) Some major “ pure ” features of OOL 's and logic languages are relaxed for reasons such as increasing user convenience of language use and popularity; also speeding up the code execution. (no free lunch, you want the language to get off the rigid rules, i.e., relaxed you should impure it with relaxed rules. we will see that in LISP where the user can assign values to var's inside the code) 9) Compilers carry out “type checking ” at their “syntax analysis ” phase. (type is semantics issue, not syntax) 10) In the logic language domain, the programmer fully dictates to the CPU how to execute the code via a sequence of commands. (You mean imperative , not logic )!...
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