md-11-ans - -1/10 CSE324 SPRING 2011 MIDTERM EXAM(75...

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Unformatted text preview: -1/10- CSE324 SPRING 2011 MIDTERM EXAM (75 minutes, 425pts) NAME ________ KEY __________ The test is closed book and notes , consider only early versions for FORTRAN II and IV, in the exam. Please, write legibly , if we cannot read & understand your answers, we will not assign any points for it! I) Mark the following statements TRUE ( T ) or FALSE ( F ) to the left of each question a) Micro level code executes faster than the macro level code, yet harder to implement. T : ( 2 point each ) b) The execution of a micro level instruction invokes a macro level routine from a ROM/PROM. c) The higher the programming language’s level the lesser we need to know about its hosting hardware platform while programming d) Compilers, interpreters , and assemblers have some same common units, e.g., parsers . T with such language. T e) Operator's overloading is a form of polymorphic power in the language. T f) A powerful HLL provides the programmer with all tools needed for safe & efficient g) The semantics- analyzer phase of the compiler generates coding. T executable h) Compilers do not machine code. consult with their host machines hardware in the semantics- analyzer i) All phases of the HLL's compilers might generate phase. T error messages j) back to the programmer . Interpreters are more efficient for code debugging than compilers , yet slower k) FORTRAN introduced the first true modular abstraction, separating between the user and implementer. T to execute. T l) A system has at least as man y virtual machines as the number of Assemblers m) The lack of reserved words in FORTRAN led to overworking the integer type as label . that it hosts. n) FORTRAN striving for efficiency profoundly degraded its code readability and security , hence crippling its advancement into the numerical analysis scientific applications field o) In the . dynamic type checking HLL's, the CPU carries out the type checking p) The addition of process at run time. T enumerated types to the Pascal made it more powerful & secure q) Any secure HLL must have a secure than Algol . typing system r) In Algol, binding of names to their allocated memory spaces is done at compile time. . T s) Dynamically scoped HLLs are more secure , yet less efficient , than statically t) CPUs will have no knowledge at all about the variables' names that are used in a program. T scoped HLLs. u) Algol is block structured , statically scoped , with dynamic arrays facility v) Algol is less secure than Pascal and FORTRAN. . T w) The compiler knows the number of FORTRAN program's run-time activation records x) Generally, the value-result parameter passing mechanism is more powerful than by-name . (ARs). T y) Recursion forces binding of names to their allocated memory locations at run time. T z) The Hybrid interpreter for early Java VM is more efficient (speeding up code execution) than the Pure aa) The SNL of a Java script interpreter. T non-local name declaration is always lower bb) Eiffel, Smalltalk , and C++...
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This note was uploaded on 08/23/2011 for the course CSE 324 taught by Professor Soliman during the Spring '11 term at NMT.

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md-11-ans - -1/10 CSE324 SPRING 2011 MIDTERM EXAM(75...

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