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Lectures Ada_3 - The Tasking Facility In Ada It is used to...

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The Tasking Facility In Ada It is used to allow concurrent tasking, where tasks can be of non- communicating and communicating natures: A) Non-communicating Tasks: procedure P is task T 1 ; … (SPECS interface of task T 1 )… ; end T 1 ; task body T 1 is begin … end T 1 ; *** task T n ; … (SPECS interface of task T n )… ; end T n ; task body T n is begin … end T n ; begin -- code for P (It is very important to notice such Ada's tasking features unique in the domain of Ada's like HLLs) tasks T 1 … T n will start once we enter the code of P without any explicit call statement for each. P will not terminate until all of its tasks terminate, last terminating task could any of the n tasks! e nd P; Tasks can not be a lib unit , they must be declared within some program unit. Ada will prevent any subprogram that hosts any task(s) from terminating until all of its hosted tasks terminate . The reason is related to the disappearance (upon return/termination) of an environment (that of the hosting subprogram) that is needed by the task(s), otherwise they become orphan tasks .
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B) Communicating Tasks Communicate and Synchronize via Rendezvous ”: Two tasks ( client and server ) will rendezvous via an “ entry (procedure like construct ) which is to be declared in the server and “called” by the client upon requesting some service (from such server). The client “ call ” on some server “ entry ” must be “accepted ” by the server, pending on the server availability, before any service is granted . At the client:
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Lectures Ada_3 - The Tasking Facility In Ada It is used to...

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