Lab 3 Assignment - e gage The beam will be used as a load cell in n solder iron masking tape transparent tape solve er ball point pen or pencil

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EML 330 Lab Objective: The objective of this week’s lab wires and solder lead wires to the Equipment: Strain gage, lead wires, solder, so paper towels, tweezers, sandpape Procedure: Using the procedure taught in cla Fig. 1 for illustration on the posit period. 01C – Mechanics of Materials Laboratory b Assignment 3 (for lab report No. 2) Strain Gage Installation is to mount a strain gage on a cantilever beam, p
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Unformatted text preview: e gage. The beam will be used as a load cell in n solder iron, masking tape, transparent tape, solve er, ball point pen or pencil, wire holder and mag lass, install a strain gage on the cantilever beam p ition of the strain gage. Label the beam with you Figure 1 prepare lead next week’s lab. ent, adhesive, gnifier provided. See ur name and lab...
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