Lab 4 Assignment - EML 3301C Mechanics of Materials...

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EML 3301C – Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Lab no. 4, Spring 2011 Instrumented Cantilever Beam Objective: This lab is designed to give hands-on experience in creating, calibrating, and assessing the use of a strain gage-based transducer (load cell or scale). Equipment needed: Laptop computer with LabVIEW installed NI USB-6009 Multi-function DAQ Instrumented cantilever beam from previous lab (with strain gage mounted and wired) Signal conditioner (provided), wiring terminal blocks (provided), Wheatstone bridge completion circuit (provided), calipers (provided), commercial scale (provided) and a can of soda (provided) Problem Statement: Given an instrumented cantilever beam to be used as a scale, determine the weight of a can of soda. Also determine the soda weight of your average gulp. Assignment Notes: This assignment grade is based on a technical report (as per the course report guideline). The report file should be submitted electronically via the course website as per the online assignment directions. An exhaustive description of your experimental circuits and their construction is not required, of more interest is how the circuits were used in conjunction with the LabVIEW program to take measurements and fulfill the assignment problem. The summation of work performed in this activity as well as last week’s activity (which was simply mounting the strain gage) is what should comprise the technical report for Lab Report 2. Two separate reports are not required for Lab Report 2. Only one document should be turned in covering both activities. The submission link for Lab Report 2 will be associated with this week’s assignment on the course website. Procedure:
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Lab 4 Assignment - EML 3301C Mechanics of Materials...

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