Lab 7 Assignment - EML 3301C Mechanics of Materials...

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EML 3301C – Mechanics of Materials Laboratory Lab no. 7, Spring 2011 Measuring Beam Deflections with an LVDT Objective: This lab is designed to demonstrate the use of a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) for the measurement of beam deflections. Additionally, the use of a micrometer and application of mechanics of materials beam deflection equations will be covered. Equipment needed: NI USB-6009 multi-function DAQ DC400L VDT Micrometer, ruler, caliper Power supply Weight set Steel cantilever beam Problem statement: Calibrate an LVDT and use it to measure beam deflection. Useful resources: See the Sakai website, under resources, titled: verniers and micrometers, for instructions on how to use a micrometer. If unsure of your measurements, take the same measurement with a dial gage caliper to gain confidence in your ability to use the micrometer. Your mechanics of materials textbook for relevant beam deflection equations. Procedure: 1) Create a VI that uses the USB-6009 gain program to measure the voltage as a function of time and displays it on a graph. Set the acquisition time to a small so you can see the signals in almost real time. PC users can set it lower while Mac users may be limited. Make sure you can save results to a spreadsheet.
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Lab 7 Assignment - EML 3301C Mechanics of Materials...

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