Syllabus - Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems EML...

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Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems EML 4312 – Spring 2011 Instructor: Warren E. Dixon Office: 312 MAE-A Building E-mail: (preferred mode of communication) Phone: (352) 846-1463 Teaching Assistants: rm 319 MAE-A TDB Class Home page: Sakai (in development) Office Hours: Dixon: WF 8 th period, before class (also open door policy with limited availability) Meeting Times and Attendance: Class: MWF 9 th period (4:05pm – 4:55pm). Attendance is required but not formally checked; however, in- class quizzes will be given on an ad hoc basis without prior scheduling and any student that does not take the quiz in class will be given a zero. No make-up quizzes are given. Problem session: A problem session with the teaching assistants will be held weekly for students to attend on an ad hoc basis for help with questions on the coursework/homework. Location and time of the problem session is to be determined. Required Textbook: Modern Control Systems (Tenth+ Edition) by Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. Bishop, Prentice Hall, 2005. You may also want to consider Coursesmart resource This book has a very useful companion web site at that has useful practice/review problems. Required Software: MATLAB. The student version can be purchased from the UF Bookstore and the full version (including many toolboxes) is available in the MAE Undergraduate Computer Lab in NEB 109, and at CIRCA computer clusters campus wide ( You will need the “Control Systems Toolbox” in whatever version of MATLAB you purchase or use. Course Prerequisites: MAP 2302, EGM 3400 or EGM 3401. Catalog Description: Theory, analysis, and design of controls of mechanical engineering systems; including mechanical, electromechanical hydraulic, pneumatic and thermal components and subsystems. Course Purpose: The goal of EML 4312 is for you to acquire skills to model simple engineering systems, apply time and frequency domain analysis techniques, and design control systems to achieve specific dynamic characteristics. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the concepts behind classical and modern control techniques, and applying these techniques using the MATLAB programming environment. Contribution of Course Towards Professional Goals:
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Syllabus - Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems EML...

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