Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment

Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment - an authority over that...

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Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment 1 Rich Pugh Business Law I LS311 06/13/2011
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Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment 2 1) Common Law – Common law is a set of general rules that are used by a nation (2008, p. 6). Each interpretation of these rules is a precedent that future lawyers and judges use to decide the outcome of their cases based on the findings of the past cases. 2) Jurisdiction – Jurisdiction is having the power to use the law over the person or company that is involved in the case (2008, p. 34). Without this power, a suit may not be heard by one states court system for a case that involves matters from another state that does not have the same rule or law. 3) Precedent – A precedent is a decision that was made and is now being used as a standard at which to view a certain aspect of a rule or law (2008, p. 6). It is a decision made by a court of law that is considered
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Unformatted text preview: an authority over that subject matter and can help decide future cases that are directly related to that subject matter. 4) Statute Statutes are the main source of our laws that have been passed to govern matters that have not been covered by federal or state law. Statutes are ordinances that include items such as zoning for commercial and residential property and building and safety codes (2008, p. 4). 5) Remedy A remedy is the means to enforce a right or to be compensated for the violation of a right (2008, p. 7). An example of this would be if Jim was to damage Joes car, then Joe would be awarded compensation to have his car fixed in order to remedy the damage incurred. Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment 3 References Miller, R.L., & Jentz, G.A. (2008). Fundamentals of Business Law Part 1. Mason: Cengage Learning...
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Rich Pugh Unit 1 Assignment - an authority over that...

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