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Rich Pugh Unit 7 Case Analysis - Case Analysis 1 Case...

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Case Analysis 1 Case Analysis: Week 7 Rich Pugh Kaplan University LS311: Business Law I Professor Nivea Castro, J.D. July 26, 2011
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Case Analysis 2 Facts/History Milwaukee County’s Juvenile Detention Center (“MCJDC”), has instituted a policy of having at least one member of the staff being the same sex as the detainees. This policy is based on a bona fide occupational qualification, according to MCJDC. Because there were more males than females being detained, MCJDC had to reduce the amount of shifts available to female correctional officers per their policy. The female correctional officers are claiming sexual discrimination and retaliation for their loss of shifts under Title VII. Issue Is the policy made by MCJDC a bona fide occupational qualification (“BFOQ”) for employment? Decision/Reason MCJDC failed to show that the BFOQ requirement was reasonably necessary. The court explained that there is no evidence in the records that would indicate that
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