Rich Pugh Unit 10 Writing Assignment

Rich Pugh Unit 10 Writing Assignment - This course has made...

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Reflection 1 Rich Pugh Unit 10 Reflection AC410 Auditing Kaplan University Professor Angela Lexner 08/16/2011
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Reflection 2 Learning about how technology has furthered internal controls has been an interesting concept to learn about. Using access control software is a good way to keep those who do not need access to certain information from accessing and perpetrating fraud. Understanding how these controls work makes me a stronger candidate in my chosen career path. Although it is not auditing, being part of the accounting profession requires that you understand all aspects of the field in order to be the best out there. I have a strong background in computers and feel the auditing knowledge I have acquired and the knowledge of computer based controls should go hand in hand with one another. This course has forced me to look at accounting in a new light. There is more to it than numbers balancing. Those who know the field well can manipulate those numbers to say what they want them to say and the inexperienced will not notice it.
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Unformatted text preview: This course has made me look at things more analytically professionally. Taking what you see at face value is not a wise move in today’s unpredictable market. Companies are pushed to show high profits and will do anything to achieve that goal. Understanding where those vulnerabilities are has helped me grow as a student and has made me more aware of the possible fraudulent activities. This course also carries over to the personal side. It makes you realize the affect of your own unethical behavior on the country and the world. With the fall of Enron and WorldCom, millions, if not billions, were affected by these schemes crafted by only a few. With cases like these to have as a precedent, I feel confident that I would be able to detect fraud as it is occurring. Although any fraud at the beginning stages may go undetected, this course has helped me understand where to look for this type of activity....
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Rich Pugh Unit 10 Writing Assignment - This course has made...

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