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STEP 1) Choosing a Topic The topic I have chosen is alternative energy sources. This is a topic that concerns everyone who uses energy on a daily basis, regardless of its current form. Whether it is gasoline or electricity, it is a concern that needs to be addressed by our nation and all other nations around the world. This is not only an American concern. Our dependence on fossil fuels is one that we need to address and make a change to in the near, if not immediate, future. STEP 2) Is the topic you have chosen controversial? In a full paragraph, please address the following: Is the topic you have chosen controversial? 
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Unformatted text preview: Have you heard, for example, any stories in the news debating this topic? Or perhaps you have heard friends or people at work discuss this topic and take sides. Please explain in detail. If your topic is considered controversial, please explain why. If it is not controversial, then chances are the topic will not make a strong persuasive research paper and you would be better off picking something else. STEP 3) What are your personal feelings about this topic?...
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