unit 5 discussion - Becoming a greener world Electrolysis...

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After reading the Writing Center's document on Prewriting Techniques , choose two of the techniques you feel have the most potential and use them to help generate ideas for your first draft (the Unit 6 Project). Depending on the technique you select, the length of your response will vary, but you need to generate at least four ideas related to your thesis statement. Open an MS Word document to complete your prewriting exercise, then paste the results into the discussion board. Brain Storming Alternative energy sources Implementation of new equipment Safety concerns of hydro fuel cells How much time do we have left of fossil fuels? Use of more dams Ocean power generation Earth’s surface made up primarily of water How much will it cost to implement new systems to our grids? Hydrogen fuels cells Reducing our emissions caused by coal and nuclear power
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Unformatted text preview: Becoming a greener world Electrolysis of water Use of mirrors for solar power Using deserts to our advantage Cooling of thermal plants in deserts Transporting solar power from one country to another Informal Outlining I. Alternative Energy sources a. Wind b. Solar c. Hydroelectricity d. Hydro fuel cells II. Solar a. Solar Panels b. Thermal solar c. Power of the sun compared to our current usage III. Wind a. Supplemental power source b. Where to place wind farms IV. Hydroelectricity a. How and where to generate it b. Possibly ocean current generation c. Earth’s surface made primarily of water V. Hydro Fuel Cells a. Use of abundant natural resource b. Highly fuel efficient c. Clean burning fuel VI. Implementation a. Costs b. Rate at which can be accomplished c. Problems and concerns of cooling equipment in deserts...
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unit 5 discussion - Becoming a greener world Electrolysis...

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