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Hip-Hop+Vocabulary+5 - cultural production agency(black...

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AAS 181. Hip-Hop in Urban America VOCABULARY OF TERMS Dyson social commentary  rap censorship asserting machismo personal agency asserting machismo by devalued black males Samuels ghettocentrism authenticity appropriation  voyeurism complicity Osumare   Africanist aesthetic dialogic negotiation lieu de m é moire  (site of memory) Nommo emcee as trickster
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renaming as empowerment flow & breaks as critical difference Rose      (    Soul Sonic Forces Powerpoint)     destructive/recuperative in sampling black cultural priorities vs. technology processes Osumare dance as embodied text performance & performativity the intercultural body Watkins the production of blackness historically situated racial signifier
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Unformatted text preview: cultural production agency (black youth agency) containment and resistance ideological hegemony modern vs. postmodern overlapping of race & class Osumare regimes of containment (p. 160) economic power moves complicity and resistance (p. 168) hip-hop postmodernism (p. 171) Baldwin national character & popular culture authentic “blackness” (p. 160) hip-hop bourgeoisie aesthetic (p. 161) “nigga” as performative identity (p. 166) ghettocentric vs. Afrocentric (p. 166) reformation of the patriarchal order (p. 166) Watts spectacular consumption discourse (discursive frame) sign and signified (p. 594)...
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  • Spring '09
  • Osumare
  • New Zealand general election, 1999, devalued black males, black cultural priorities, Sonic Forces Powerpoint, (discursive frame), black youth agency

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Hip-Hop+Vocabulary+5 - cultural production agency(black...

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