Assignment+2 - UWP 101-14 Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment#2...

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UWP 101-14, Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment #2: Research Paper or Analysis Paper Rough draft due on October 19 th (bring 3 copies) Final draft due on October 21 st 1500 words minimum, 15% of grade Since we will be reading all of Malcolm Gladwell's Blink in the next few weeks, I'd like your next paper to deal, either directly or indirectly, with some of the issues he addresses. You have two fairly different choices. Research Paper choice Pick one of the areas that Gladwell touches on in his book and look more deeply into the research that he mentions (or research that he doesn't mention but that you find on your own). You don't have to mention Gladwell specifically as the takeoff point for the paper; instead, use the book as something to give you ideas for looking into the ways in which our subconscious mind makes decisions for us before we can even consciously think about the decisions. You might know of an area within your discipline where some of Gladwell’s points might apply. You can treat this as a paper in which you have a thesis you want to bring forth, supported by research. Alternatively, you can treat this paper as a literature review in which you show the current state of the research in a particular area. In either case, you should make sure you discuss the most up-to-date research in the area. In addition, after reading the research, you need to decide what the important subtopics are within the research. These subtopics will form the organizational structure of your paper. Within these subtopics, integrate the research so that we don’t just get a series of summaries. Do not use Wikipedia or other online sources that are not authoritative.
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Assignment+2 - UWP 101-14 Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment#2...

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