Assignment+3 - UWP 101, Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment #3:...

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UWP 101, Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment #3: Synthesis Paper Rough draft due on November 18 th (bring 3 copies) Final draft due on November 23 rd , 1500 words minimum, 20% of grade Purpose and content The purpose of this paper is to make you think about how some of the readings we’ve been discussing interact. Over the next few weeks we will be reading more on the informal topic of this course, “How we think,” and I’d like you to take two or more of the readings this quarter and make a point (or points) about how they comment on one another. They might support the same idea, contradict each other in some way, or open up an avenue of inquiry that would be interesting. Make sure you get the ideas to interact. It doesn’t work to just put summaries and comments on the readings side-by-side in your paper and assume the reader will make connections. You may want to read ahead to see what the readings coming up address. For example, the readings by Perry and by (and about) Baird would certainly go well with our first reading, the one by Arnett. The material in Blink would work well with the article by Loftus in terms of priming memory or of impacts on the law (police work and trials). Blink would also work with the excerpts from Tetlock on political judgment or on how even experts can go wrong. The “storytelling” aspect of judgments that Gladwell talks about would work well with Loftus and with Tetlock. The readings from Levitt and Dubner and from Gladwell (“Million Dollar Murray”) might work well together as examples to illustrate Gladwell’s ideas in Blink concerning how our implicit associations influence our thinking. The Tetlock excerpts could also work with Perry’s comments on cognitive development. Certainly Blink
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Assignment+3 - UWP 101, Haynes Fall 2010 Assignment #3:...

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