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UWP 101 (14), 4 units Instr.: Jared Haynes Fall 2010 e-mail: [email protected] TTh 1:40 to 3, 205 Wellman Office: 370 Voorhies Hall Office Hours: T 9:30–11:30, F 9–10, & by app't. Course Description and Policies UWP 101 meets the upper division composition requirement for the College of Letters and Sciences and may also be used as part of the written and oral expression requirement for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Engineering students should check with their college to make sure they are eligible to take this course. Goals of the course The ultimate goal of this advanced composition course is to help you learn to become a better writer. If you put the work in, you will see improvement during the 10 weeks you spend in UWP 101 and you will leave the course understanding the principles of good writing. If you continue to apply those principles and practice your writing, you can continue to improve your writing long after the course. Because we will be concerned with looking closely at what might cause careful and interested readers to stumble through a piece of writing, your writing will receive close scrutiny and you will be asked to scrutinize the writing of others. The goal here is to help you make strides in your understanding of, and your ability to use, the subtle ingredients of good writing. A final objective of the course is to help you to learn to read and analyze essays more carefully and critically. You will practice this skill on readings from the required text, on writing you do for your reading journal, on outside reading you do for your papers, and on the rough drafts of papers that you and your peers produce in this class. Of course, the more effort you put into the course, the more you are likely get out of it. Writing takes commitment and effort and it can be frustrating, but putting the effort in and working through the frustrations can lead not only to good writing but also to strong personal satisfaction. Course Materials a. Gladwell, Malcolm. Blink . Available in the bookstore. b. Course Reader. Available at the Davis Copy Shop on 3 rd and University. c. You should own a dictionary and you should use it every time you come across a word you don't know or a word you recognize but aren't sure of its meaning. Consultations and Communications I encourage you to come to my office whenever you have questions—about the class, about a paper, about the readings, about life. The office hours I have set up (see top of page) are times when you can drop by and be sure to find me. If my office hours are not convenient, let's work out a time when we can meet. It's part of my job, so don't be bashful. Also, please use e-mail if you find it more convenient to communicate that way. I check it regularly, weekdays and weekends. When you send me emails, please make sure either the name in the "From:" line or the
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Course+Description+F+10 - UWP 101 (14), 4 units Fall 2010...

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