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Tim Discar February 7, 2011 UWP 101 Haynes Journal Entry #7 In the reading excerpt, “Memory Faults and Fixes,” by Elizabeth Loftus, the author asserts the claim that through a controlled environment one’s memories can be shaped caused by new information in a concept called memory malleability. In this article, there lies countless evidence in which an individual’s memories is shaped and formed based on certain questions asked or new information provided. While many of the studies claim that such experiments caused the individual being tested to alter their old memories to incorporate the information, there is a lack of significant statistics to provide that such experiments were the sole cause of such memory alterations. The evidence the author provides only had a success rate no greater than 30%. Another fault made by the author is that the author operates under the assumption that each memory one has can be manipulated at the same success rate. This means, that no matter
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Unformatted text preview: the content of the memory, each memory has the same probability of being manipulated whether the memory was an insignificant event or a life-changing event. The evidence provided ranges from rape or sexual assault to a Disneyland trip to see Bugs Bunny. While both cases show similar results, the content of both memories vary greatly in significance to the observer, thus may cause a different level of memory manipulation. Personally, this topic is quite interesting and I would love to read more about this subject. I would have never thought such actions can be physically possible, but with the explanation provided by the author I can see how a car accident can be manipulated by how one is interrogated. Through prior knowledge of an event, one can change one’s own account of what actually happened and as stated in Loftus’s experiments within a controlled environment actually create an event that never even occurred....
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