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Tim Discar November 4, 2010 UWP 101 Haynes Journal Entry #9 In the reading excerpt, “The Unpolitical Animal,” Louis Menand claims that individuals believe that they know more about politics than they actually do. Based on polls of electoral decisions people vote based on three main concepts: 1. Electoral outcomes are arbitrary 2. People don’t rely on information but rather their elite opinion 3. People use short cuts to make conclusions. A lot of evidence was supported by historical applications of voting. But while the statistics and results are conclusive, many of the cases cannot be applied to current voting conditions. While the author does provide evidence of people as a whole making voting choices based on personal opinion rather than facts, the author fails to make a rebuttal to the changing times as well. The public during Ford/Carter’s political campaign was a different public during the Obama campaign. Times change and the publics view on politics do so as well.
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Unformatted text preview: Based on the evidence provided, I believe that the audience was more focused on an older generation simply because I wasn’t alive during a majority of the examples. Thus, the main goal of the article is to convince the average working American that he/she votes do count so at least make the attempt to try and make the most logical decision possible. In concept #3, the assumption made here is that everyone is equally susceptible to being swayed in their opinions in voting simply by mere campaigning. I feel that this assumption is quite different each time given the current voting publics opinion. One election can be easily swayed by looks, for example Warren Harding, while looks were set aside like the Obama election. Not everyone makes shortcuts to make these decisions, but today’s society does to save time....
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