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Tim Discar February 27, 2011 UWP 101 Haynes Journal Entry #12 In the reading excerpt, “Where have All the Criminals Gone,” by Levitt and Dubner, the authors make great assertions towards the correlating abortion rates and criminal behaviors. By relating the Romania incidents in abortion bans to American crime, it allows a seamless transition that can be followed. While I’m still not quite sure what the correlation between the two statistics is, I do know that it is enough for me to form a conclusion based on the word choice and diction being convincing enough to sway the average reader, such as myself. Something I thought was interesting is that out of the 8 most likely reasons why the crime rate dropped, the greatest measurable cause of crime drop was not mentioned due to the lack of media coverage. Just because something isn’t covered in daily media does not make it less significant. Throughout the article, both authors main goal seems to discredit a majority of these 8 reasons why crime rate drops.
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Unformatted text preview: Based on reading the article, it seems that the main audience is a younger age group that I fall into. The word choice and sentence structure tends to focus towards a more casual style of writing. With fragments such as “murder raging all around” or “that junkie peeing in an alley” one can assume that the author did so to make the reading easier. While a lot of the authors evidence to back up his or hers claims through personal opinions, there is some evidence of statistics. While not used very often, I felt that the author could have done more elaborating on the statistics in stead of randomly asserting numbers into his or hers opinions. The question that I pose after reading this article is still left unanswered: How does abortion lower crime rate? One cannot predict the future let alone decide that a newborn will commit crime. That is a matter of nature versus nurture and personally I felt the article didn’t support this claim strong enough to convince me otherwise....
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