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Discar13 - that present new theories and ideas It is as if...

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Tim Discar March 7, 2011 UWP 101 Haynes Journal Entry #13 In the reading excerpt, “Cognitive and Ethical Growth: The Making of Meaning,” by William G. Perry, Jr., the author goes into great depth describing different stages in cognitive and ethical development. But one thing that concerns me is the informal form of speech the author uses. The word choices of “us”, “we” and “I” personally makes me take the article a little less serious. Word choice is one of the most important things behind articles, especially articles
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Unformatted text preview: that present new theories and ideas. It is as if someone is personally talking to me, in a manner that makes it feel like casual small talk rather than concepts and groundbreaking research. While word choice was not the first thing that I noticed, what instantly grabbed my attention in this article is the awkward positioning of paragraphs and example conversations. It was not only hard to follow along, but also structured in a manner that made it difficult to simply read. With multiple indentations and awkward introduction...
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