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Unformatted text preview: Tim Discar December 2, 2010 UWP 101 Haynes Journal Entry #14 In the reading excerpt, Absolute PowerPoint, by Ian Parker, the author asserts many powerful ideas behind a world filled with the presentation software called PowerPoint. In the first example, the author depicts a mother using PowerPoint as a form of disciplinary actions to persuade her children to clean their bedrooms. While we live in a society in which presentations and PowerPoint compliments each other just as the cream and sugar compliment coffee, the author provides evidence that at face value is very convincing. But the issue I have as a reader is trying to find out what the author is actually convincing me to believe. Is the evidence supposed to convince me that todays society relies on PowerPoint slides instead of actual verbal presentation? Or is the main goal of the author is to show mans dependence of verbal presentation?...
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