answer to 20 - True 16 Cost-volume-profit(CVP analysis is...

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11.Normal costing measures unit costs by adding the actual costs of direct materials and direct labor to an estimated overhead cost incurred in producing the units (Points: 5) True 12. A predetermined overhead rate is an estimate of the amount of overhead that management believes should be assigned to a unit of product. (Points: 5) True 13.Process costing assigns the costs associated with a particular job to the units produced in that job. (Points: 5) False 14.Batch processing combines elements of individual-job and continuous-flow processing. (Points: 5) True 15.Equivalent units are the number of units that would have been produced during a period if all of the department's efforts had resulted in completed units. (Points: 5)
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Unformatted text preview: True 16. Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is the use of an understanding of the relationship among costs, volume, and profits to make managerial decisions. (Points: 5) True 17. Target-profit analysis is a technique used to find the volume of sales – in units or dollars – at which a company just covers its total costs. False 18. A company's margin of safety is the excess of the breakeven point over actual sales. (Points: 5) True 19. GAAP requires that absorption costing be used to prepare internal reports. (Points: 5) False 20. Direct labor, direct labor dollars, and machine hours are examples of activity bases. (Points: 5) True False...
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answer to 20 - True 16 Cost-volume-profit(CVP analysis is...

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