answer to 40 - False 36 Investment center managers are only...

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31. Quality costs are limited to companies that manufacture tangible products. (Points: 5) False 32. Operating assets is Sales - (cost of goods sold + other operating expenses). (Points: 5) False 33. The balanced scorecard has key performance criteria in four categories: financial, customer satisfaction, innovation and learning, and internal business. (Points: 5) True 34. Transfer pricing involves setting appropriate selling prices for goods or services when the seller is external to the company. (Points: 5) False 35. A market-based transfer pricing policy requires buyers and sellers to transfer goods based on externally verifiable prices. (Points: 5)
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Unformatted text preview: False 36. Investment center managers are only held accountable for costs. (Points: 5) False 37. Just-in-time manufacturing is a production system that pulls products through the manufacturing process on the basis of market demand. (Points: 5) True 38. Cycle time is the number of minutes that pass between units leaving the final assembly area. (Points: 5) False 39. Bottlenecks represents the number of units completed by a process in a given period of time. (Points: 5) False 40. A manufacturing cell is a group of related machines, typically arranged in a straight line. (Points: 5) True...
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answer to 40 - False 36 Investment center managers are only...

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