Homework+2 - dimensionless units termed "parts...

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MCB 124 Fall 2010 Homework #2 1. Conservation of Energy : A block slides down a slippery slope and hits a large spring at the bottom (becoming attached to the spring). (a) Explain in words what happens to the motion of the block assuming that the only force acting on the block is gravity (b) Draw a potential energy curve and indicate the major points of motion of the block on the curve. (c) How does this change if there is friction involved? 2. Principles of Thermodynamics : A gas is confined in one half of a chamber as shown in the figure below. Use the principles of thermodynamics to explain what happens to the gas if it is allowed to expand and fill the chamber and how the gas is returned to its original state.
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3. Energetics of Mutations : Describe the thermodynamic factors that control the stability of protein mutations. 4. NMR : The chemical shift scale on a NMR spectrum is typically given in
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Unformatted text preview: dimensionless units termed "parts per million" (ppm) from some reference compound. What is the relationship between a chemical shift scale in Hz. and a scale in "ppm? 5. NMR : Due to elements of symmetry within the structure of the molecule, the 13 C NMR spectrum of ethane contains only a single resonance, the corresponding spectra of (CH 3 ) 2 CHBr and (CH 3 ) 3 CBr would contain 2 resonances. How many distinct resonances are there in : i) The 1 H NMR spectrum of (CH 3 ) 4 C? ii) The 13 C NMR spectrum of (CH 3 ) 4 C? iii) The 31 P NMR spectrum of (CH 3 CH 2 ) 3 PO? iv) The 13 C NMR spectrum of (CH 3 CH 2 ) 3 PO? v) The 1 H NMR spectrum of (CH 3 CH 2 ) 3 PO? 6. NMR The 1 H and 31 P NMR spectra of trimethyl phosphate, (CH 3 O) 3 PO, are given below. Rationalize the appearance of both spectra....
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Homework+2 - dimensionless units termed "parts...

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