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UWP 101, Haynes WINTER 2011 THE READING JOURNAL 300 words each entry minimum (10% of course grade) Due in the Dropbox before class begins on the day of the reading Your purpose in this journal is to write about the reading you are doing for this class. This writing will help you • learn how to read more critically, and • learn from your reading what you as a writer need to know about writing. What kind of writing is required? The journal writing should be fairly informal. It is first-draft writing, and the entries are not intended to be polished or painstakingly organized. They can be exploratory, and they don't have to end up with some grand unifying thesis. You are writing to learn about writing, not just to report what you have already concluded. However, you should write in complete sentences with connected thoughts; I don't want to feel like I'm reading a text message. For each day that reading is due in the course, you should write a 300-word journal entry. When there are two or more readings due, just do one response, either on one of the readings or on similar or contrasting aspects from more than one. Here some aspects of the reading that you can address: • an assertion or judgment the author makes • the kind of evidence the author uses to back up claims (scientific studies, statements from
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reading+journal - UWP 101 Haynes WINTER 2011 THE READING...

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